11/19/14 - On Hiatus

11/19/14 - As of this month, I am on hiatus from giving guitar lessons to instead pursue a career in web development at the wonderful Durham, NC-based Caktus Group. After completing an internship with them in the summer, I was asked to stay on and work on other projects, which means I now no longer have time to give lessons.

It's been an absolute pleasure serving the budding musicians of Apex, Cary, and surrounding towns over the last seven and a half years. While I'm enthusiastic and energized by my new career, part of me will miss the fun and rewarding practice of helping someone realize their dream.

I'm sticking with the term "hiatus" for now, because teaching meant so much to me and I don't intend to ever fully give it up. Please enjoy the meager offerings of this site and I do intend to create more videos and applications as time and energy allow. Thank you for visiting and continue to feel free to contact me!